Technology by Don Broco – Album Review

Don broco Technology 2018

Technology by Don Broco

Album Review

by Steve Crabtree – @stevecrab

Bedford indie pop rock band Don Broco released their third album, on 2nd February, bringing us their first recorded material for over two years.

Technology, available on the Sharptone label kicks off in a lively fashion. It has its ups and downs throughout its 14 tracks, the first five of which have already been released as singles. And with that, the whole excitement of listening to an album for the first time is diluted.

It opens with the title track, a hard-hitting tune which will be a great gig opener with a crisp drum sound throughout, fusing in cranked-up guitars.

don broco technology 2018

“A bit of U2 inspiration coming through”

Singles out of the way, we’re then in for a couple of new tracks in ‘The Blues’ and ‘Tightrope’. ‘Tightrope’ is the best track on the album with high-pitched vocals, and a new-wave sound, with a bit of U2 coming through.

But the album peaks here; and a fairly uninspiring six songs come along back to back.

‘Everybody’ apparently describes how the band came close to breaking up. There’s a bit of anger that comes through in the lyrics which may appeal to a teenage fan-base.

don braco technology 2017

‘Greatness’ is 3 minutes 21 seconds of refreshing funk, and is a nice deviation in style. ‘Porkies’, ‘Got To Be You’ and ‘Good Listener’ bring the album back in a rocky direction. Although the latter tracks’ lyrics won’t earn Don Broco any literary prizes.

“Struggled to get to the end of it”

As promising as the album is to begin with, I struggle to get to the end of it. I’ve found it a tough slog, although in fairness to Don Broco the songs on Technology will earn their place when they’re performed live on their spring tour.

But, with all the songs that we’ve already heard, this album doesn’t bring that new-album feel with it. So I turn off the speakers with a feeling that they’ve been on too long.


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