Peggy Suicide by Julian Cope – Album Review

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by Matt Callard

Most mavericks are at their best when people write them off.

In 1991, Julian Cope was allegedly ‘weirding out’ his record label and teetering on the brink of the has-been scrap heap. Previous release Droolian was self-financed and totally nuts. It alienated his fans and shredded his last remnants of commercial viability. Then he released his masterpiece.

peggy suicide album reviewA double album, a hymn to Mother Earth and a cracking collection of wah-wah-heavy, golden rock-pop – Peggy Suicide effectively ushered in Cope’s ‘mature’ phase. A phrase, no doubt, he’d shudder at.

“An expansive exercise in modern psychedelia”

The eight minutes of ‘Safesurfer’ remain his Parliament-influenced musical high water mark, ‘Beautiful Love’ and ‘Pristeen’ are eloquent, accessible pop ditties and ‘Hanging Out’ is the obligatory acid-rock foot stomper.

Twenty years on, re-packaged and including an unnecessary bonus disc of baggy-leaning remixes, Peggy Suicide remains an expansive exercise in modern psychedelia and Cope’s magnum opus.


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