Palace by Chapel Club – Album Review

palace chapel club logo

by Matt Callard

Chapel Club’s obvious but well-honed debt to Echo and the Bunnymen must already have become an aural albatross to the young band.

palace by chapel club album artworkStrange, as it doesn’t do Interpol much harm. Plus, there are plenty of other influences to hear. There’s enough sonic invention on this debut album to mark the five-piece down as a genuine new Great White Rock Hope.

“Neat lyrical sophistication”

Singer Lewis Bowman might share Ian McCulloch’s once resonant baritone but his phrasing is often pure Morrissey and there’s a neat lyrical sophistication underneath the heavy overdubs.

‘Five Trees’ and ‘All the Eastern Girls’ are old-fashioned indie floorshakers, while ‘The Shore’ and ‘Paper Thin’ reduce the pace and borrow from Slowdive’s somnambulant guitar wash.

Better than promising.


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