Infinite Arms by Band of Horses – Album Review

infinite arms

By Matt Callard

2006’s debut Everything All The Time and 2007’s follow-up, Cease To Begin showcase Ben Bridwell as a genuine claimant to the southern U.S. rock throne. Well, here’s the fulfilment to that promise.

infinite armsHe’s put together a new band and found a couple of collaborators with talent. The new Band of Horses Mark II land somewhere between My Morning Jacket’s yearning ambition, Kings of Leon’s anthemic euphoria and Crazy Horse’s electric pyrotechnics.

“Abundance of goosebump moments”

Add some neat lyrical imagery, some lovely CSN&Y harmonies and the odd aching ballad and you’ve got a record brimming with an abundance of genuine goosebump moments.

Infinite Arms might just be a landmark record from America’s new south uprising.


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