Here Come The Runts by Awolnation – Album Review

Awolnation here come the runts 2018

Here Come The Runts by Awolnation

Album Review

by Steve Crabtree – @stevecrab

American alternative rockers Awolnation released Here Come The Runts at the beginning of February, their third album in seven years.

Released on the Red Bull label, there’s an edgey, eclectic feel about the record. It’s something the band can be pretty chuffed with.

Frontman Aaron Bruno points out that Here Come The Runts tells the true story of how America is right now, instead of painting the picture that a lot of patriots would like it to be. In a similar vein to Springsteen’s much misunderstood ‘Born In The USA’.

Awolnation here come the runts 2018“Huge burst of energy”

But political or not (there’s a politicised message running throughout), the album pulls out all the stops in title track. Fusing metal and electronica, it’s a lively start and a huge burst of energy.

‘Sound Witness System’ takes us on a long slow rap journey, before ‘Miracle Man’s funky rock ride. Vocally, it’s got a hint of Public Image Ltd’s ‘Don’t Ask Me’.

‘Handyman’ brings us a slightly more mellow moment. A floaty number with a grinding chorus. If there’s a track on the album for a driving-your-car compilation, this is it.

“The disco moment of the album”

But my stand-out track is ‘Jealous Buffoon’.  A self-deprecative, melancholic number, the electronica is back and I almost want to call it the disco moment of the album.  But it maybe stops short of the dance-floor. It’s certainly one of those you’d flick to first when you’ve listened to the album a few times though.

The single ‘Seven Sticks of Dynamite’ goes from laid back and lazy in to a raucous grind, and we soon hit the electro-punk-like ‘Cannonball’ which has a hint of the 80s running right through it.

Here Come The Runts is 14 tracks of good stuff, without a duff track. It’s a record I’ve really enjoyed. Slightly off my kind of guitar music, but so well written and produced that it’s made its mark.

Ending with the six-minute long outro ‘Stop The Train’, all the sounds of the album come together in one great finale. It brings the album to a brilliant end.

Album three can be the tricky one for a band, but Awolnation have delivered with this one.  They may leave their fans hungry – in fact starving – between albums, but after serving this one up, they’ll love feeding off it for a long time.


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