Tron: Legacy (2010) – Film Review

tron legacy-movie review

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Cast: Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges

Certificate: 12

by Matt Callard

The original 1982 Tron was a strange film. Silly, fetishistic, convoluted; but it was also visually inventive, unique and utterly prescient. Its man-trapped-inside-computer scenario coming right on the cusp of the then nascent videogame revolution.

This sequel takes the original star, Jeff Bridges, then, through some cutting edge digital sculpting allows him to play ‘opposite’ his younger self from the original movie. It’s a brave concept, but you can’t help thinking the technology isn’t quite up to the job just yet – which might, in fact, be a neat conceptual nod to the not-quite-convincing virtual world they created in the first movie. Or am I getting ahead of myself here?

tron legacy film review electro bike

“An immersive technological future world”

Whatever, there are flashes of brilliance that transform Tron: Legacy into a genuinely great cinematic experience. An exquisite colour palette, all manner of 3D thrills, a quite brilliant Daft Punk score and a nicely engineered love story. They all combine to create an immersive technological future world.

It’s not flawless. There are a few cross wires. But Tron: Legacy is well worth connecting with.


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