The Croods (2013) – Film Review

dreamworks animated cartoon movie prehistoric The Croods

Director: Chris Sanders
Voice Cast: Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone
Certifciate: PG

by Dan Berlinka

It’s tempting to dismissively, if not inaccurately, describe Dreamworks’ latest animated comedy adventure The Croods as little more than Ice Age with humans.

However, while the story itself may not be staggeringly original, the 3D animation is excellent. Particularly when it comes to the imaginative animal creations encountered by the human protagonists. The creature designs seem to have been guided by ‘cuteness’ more than the fossil record. But the resulting hybrids provide many of the film’s best laughs.

croods film review animated

“Enough decent visual gags”

The cavemen and women are less striking. Ostensible heroine Eep has a slightly unsettling mix of cartoon head and realistic body. Although good vocal performances all round keep the family engaging and (just about) believable in context.

There’s a bit of a gear change in the final third when the movie seems undecided as to whether to focus on the family’s father or daughter, but overall there are enough decent visual gags to keep younger children entertained and mums and dads chuckling along, without ever resorting to over-the-kids’-heads sauciness. Wholesome, undemanding family fun for a rainy day outing.



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