Sherrybaby (2006) – Film Review

sherrybaby film maggie gyllenhaall

Director: Laurie Collyer
Cast: Maggie Gyllenhaall, Brad Henke, Danny Trejo
Certificate: 15

by Matt Callard

Four years on from her star making turn in Secretary, Maggie Gyllenhaall finally gets the showcase role she deserves in Sherrybaby.

An emotional tale of Sherry (Gyllenhaall), an ex-convict, attempting to rebuild her life and her relationship with her young daughter following her release from prison.

It’s a complex, challenging role that demands a ballsy front from Gyllenhaal, undercut by a deeper fragile vulnerability. Especially as her desire to regain custody of her daughter flails next to her inability to fit in with society.

sherrybaby film review maggie gyllenhaal

“Raw, unflinching edges”

Slowly and painfully she slides back towards the allure of intoxicants. Her inner child winning out over the wannabe good citizen.

As much an examination of the ‘system’ as a portrait of a sad, directionless but thoroughly well-drawn young woman.

Much kudos has to go to director, Laurie Collyer. Her trust in Gyllenhaal is exemplary. She allows the actress the time to reveal the raw, unflinching edges that make this such a fascinating portrait.


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