Salt (2010) – Film Review


Director: Phillip Noyce
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Liev Shreiber
Certificate: 15

by Matt Callard

Defiantly Old School, right down to Angelina Jolie pouting her way through 100 rollickingly thrillsome minutes as, gasp, a Russian spy.

Salt adheres to stunts over CGI. Tight, gritty action sequences over vast set pieces. And good old-fashioned double (triple!) crosses over intricate plot nuances.

It’s tense too. Jolie is fierce and believable as she outwits and outfights her way through a series of increasingly tricky predicaments. Not ever does the action resort to cartoonish ultra-violence.

salt film review angelina jolie

“Gritty action sequences over vast set pieces”

Breathlessly paced, with some decent back story woven in, the movie is a neat step back in time. To when you could tell a Russian was up to no good by his eye patch and cheek scar.

It’s like The Bourne Trilogy never happened.


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