Claustrofobia (2011) – Film Review

claustrofobia review

Director: Bobby Boermans
Starring: Carolien Spoor, Dragan Bakema, Thijs Romer
Certificate: 15

by Dan Berlinka

After a night out with her best friend, a young woman awakes to find herself chained up in a basement. This is the simple premise to Claustofobia.

This taut little thriller from the Netherlands looks at first like it might be something of a Saw/Captivity variant. But it actually takes a welcome turn away from the torture sub-genre and is much more about suspense than horror.

Direction and performances are all unfussy and assured. The script has enough surprises to sustain its commendably lean running time.

claustrofobia film review dutch

“Despite implausibilities, a pretty satisfying debut”

Most refreshing of all, Carolien Spoor’s female lead is far from a helplessly screaming victim. She is written as smart, strong and resourceful. Although thankfully without empowerment clichés like making her a champion kickboxer.

Yes, there are a few illogicalities and implausibilities in the film’s later stages, but if you can get past those, its nonetheless a pretty satisfying, if undemanding, first feature from director Bobby Boerman. It’s worth keeping an eye out for what he does next.



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