Cherry Tree Lane (2010) – Film Review

cherry tree lane film review main thriller

Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Cast: Jennie Jacques, Jurmayn Hunter, Rachael Blake
Certificate: 18

by Dan Berlinka

Relentlessly unpleasant home invasion thriller that shies away from challenging the stereotypes that people it.

It pulls its punches both as social criticism and as Last House on the Left exploitation and ends up feeling like a dramatised Daily Mail headline.

The low budget is used to claustrophobically stylish effect and the performances are strong, particularly Ashley Chin (though he may stand out mostly because he’s the closest thing to a sympathetic character).

cherry tree lane film review home invasion

“Never really gets started”

Running time is scant (which normally I would applaud), but it feels slow and never really gets started.

If you like this sort of thing, it’s worth a look, but ideally it would be screened in a double bill with the Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael, thus giving you the opportunity to avoid both films at the same time.


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