Pocket RuPaul Wisdom – Review

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By Helen Johnston

If you’re looking for advice on standing out from the crowd, then who better to turn to than larger-than-life drag queen RuPaul?

Pocket Rupaul Wisdom contains such uplifting advice as: “Never stay small to try to fit in, you were meant to stand out, you were meant to be a star”. Tell yourself that each morning on your way to work.

For those not familiar with their drag queens, RuPaul is the 57-year-old American host of the eponymous reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, now in its tenth season.

pocket rupaul wisdom book review coverWe see the gorgeous lady herself giving advice to a group of drag queen hopefuls, all wanting to emulate her and take the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, along with a cash prize.

RuPaul, looking as good dressed as her male alter ego as she does in her female finery, guides them through a series of challenges and is head judge.


I might not agree with all of the advice in her book, such as not giving kids a diploma when they leave school but giving them a wig and a pair of heels instead, and sending them off with the words “girl, go live, and discover yourself” – but I applaud the sentiment.

This little gem of a book, with an eye-catching drawing of the woman herself on a pink cover (of course), is divided into five chapters quoting RuPaul on love, drag, herself, culture and life.

She says we’re in a golden age of drag and that drag queens have always been at the forefront of the gay rights movement.

On love she says that sweetness and kindness are at the top of the list of human virtues. Wise words from a woman who knows her stuff.

And of course she ends with that immortal line from her drag show: “Sashay away!”

‘Pocket RuPaul Wisdom: Witty quotes and wise words from a drag superstar’ is published by Hardie Grant London, £5.99 hardback


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