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By Helen Johnston

If you’re planning on puckering up under the mistletoe this Christmas then it’s time to get your kisser looking its best. If the cold of winter has given you rough, chapped lips, with a bit of TLC you’ll soon have them looking their luscious best again.

Lips is a pocket-sized advice manual, telling you everything you need to know to make your pout stand out. For lip care, that means keeping them hydrated and supple by drinking plenty of water, and not licking them too much and making them vulnerable to the elements.

lips Natasha Devedlaka-Price book review coverAuthor Natasha Devedlaka-Price, a make-up artist, says adding a swipe of lipstick can boost your confidence, improve your mood, and change the look of your face. As well as lip care, she looks at lip essentials and colours – including neon, orange and black.

For every woman who has ever struggled to find the ‘right’ colour, and that’s most of us, there’s a handy guide to getting it spot on. For instance there are four basic types of red, including blue-red (which I always thought made purple, but I digress).

“Useful hacks”

Natasha also delves into the history of lipstick, revealing that women in Ancient Mesopotamia were painting their lips as long ago as 2500 BC. While famous beauty Cleopatra used crushed insects mixed with beeswax to turn her lips a bright red.

Since the 1900s, lipstick has become a daily part of the make-up routine, and the range of choice is frankly bewildering. It’s not just lipstick we use to adorn our mouths either, lip piercings, which originated among the tribes of Africa and South America, have become more noticeable.

Useful hacks include mending a broken lipstick and removing a lippy stain, which involves spraying with hairspray.

Apparently kissing releases endorphins, which helps to create a sense of euphoria. Time to grab the mistletoe.

‘Lips: How to wear lipstick, lipgloss and lift your lip game’ by Natasha Devedlaka-Price is published by Hardie Grant, £6.99 hardback


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