Bobbin Robin by Villager Jim – Review

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By Victoria Holdsworth

Villager Jim is somewhat of an enigma. Like the artist Banksy he refuses to reveal his true name, however he produces some incredible pieces of artwork through his wildlife photography for everyone to enjoy.

Out in the Derbyshire Peaks, Jim spends a lot of time with the animal kingdom that is on his doorstep. They have become his friends, and he has gained the trust of many a wee beastie in his surrounding lands. So much so, that they provide him an interesting and quirky insight on to what most people do not even notice.

Although Villager Jim has other books and other subjects in his repertoire, Bobbin Robin is by far one of the cutest little things I have seen, with the book starting with a little introduction to Bobbin, and of course to Jim, and how their relationship works.

Bobbin seems to enjoy the company of humans and their funny ways, and Jim is always around to capture that perfect moment. She even likes the company of Jim’s four legged friend, and often pops out to see both of them, and sometimes follows them on walks.

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“Stunning shots”

The book is a delightful encapsulation of one of nature’s prettiest, cleverest, hardiest little birds.

With his camera, Jim depicts most aspects of Bobbin’s life as they move through the seasons together, and there are some guest appearances from some of Bobbin’s friends and family in some breathtakingly stunning shots.

One of the first pictures we see of Bobbin has one of Villager Jim’s little one liners, which adorn each photograph on every page to give Bobbin a voice. I states: “Sometimes I just sit and look at her and appreciate just how wonderful nature is.” And it is easy to see why such an adorable little lady could steal anyone’s heart.

Bobbin even has her own portfolio RSPB page, such has her popularity has grown. Jim apparently goes through many kilograms of mealworms to feed her and keep her into the life that she has become accustomed.

Some of the cutest and funniest pictures, with the help of Jim’s tag lines, gives the robin a little dialogue of her own to speak to the reader, even taking time out to show us her favourite spots, not just in his garden but the beautiful surrounding area in in Foolow, Derbyshire.

‘Bobbin Robin’ by Villager Jim is published by White Owl, £19.99


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