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By Helen Johnston

You might have thought that sipping a cocktail was purely a deliciously decadent pastime, but no, they also have healing powers. Who knew?

Doctor’s Orders gives you permission to reach for the shaker if you’re feeling under the weather. Authors Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza have put together this guide to ‘over 50 inventive cocktails to cure, revive and enliven’. And what better time to test them out than Christmas?

The recipes are divided into Remedies, Comforters, Revivers and Restore/Rectify and have such wonderfully inventive names as Dr Greenthumb, The Accidental Tourist, Does a Bear Shit in the Woods? And You Can’t Handle Chartreuse!

Doctor's Orders book review cocktails coverPart One helps you to set up, with the list of spirits you’ll need, bar necessities like liqueurs, citrus fruits and sweeteners, and a kit bag of tools like jiggers (for measuring), bar spoon and straws. Follow the instructions and you’ll be honing your mixology skills in no time.

“Handy guide”

Each cocktail comes with a list of its curative qualities and the vitamins and minerals it contains. So, for instance, Jungle Fever (a Thai-inspired pina çolada) is good for your metabolism, immune system, memory and energy, and contains vitamin E.

Meanwhile Bandage of Brothers, a World War-inspired medicinal martini, lowers cholesterol, aids digestion and contains vitamin C and antioxidant. Wonder if James Bond knows?

Each drink also comes with a handy guide to style/tasting notes, the correct glass/vessel for serving.

If you really want to show off behind the bar, there is also a ‘bag of tricks’ section, containing such ideas as a blowtorch for adding a touch of smoke, and paint brushes for adding rims or powders on glasses.

Cocktails are meant to be shared, so there are ideas for cocktail parties, including Christmas of course, when eggnogs, snowballs and mulled wine should be on the menu.

Cheers to that!

‘Doctor’s Orders: Over 50 Inventive Cocktails to Cure, Revive and Enliven’ by Chris Edwards & Dave Tregenza is published by Hardie Grant, £12.99 hardback, ISBN:9781784881375


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