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my chronicle book box set Crime and Mystery Box Nov

By Sandra Callard

I love reading, and have just come across Yorkshire’s own My Chronicle Book Box, which is a new way of buying books for yourself or as a present for another book lover.

Three books of whatever genre you choose, are packed individually in a strong box. I received one hard back book and two paperbacks, and they are beautifully and individually wrapped, in a heavy quality coloured paper which is secured with ribbon.

Also in this particular box is a selection of various useful and attractive items, including a scented candle, two nice bookmarks, one with a magnifying glass on the end, a handbag mirror and, surprisingly, a full size package of a good make of speciality coffee. It’s genuinely nice and exciting to search through the box to see what is inside.

my chronicle book box review crime set

“Great combination”

The books in my box are all from the murder/mystery genre (my particular favourite), and two of the authors, Sophie Hannah and Frances Brody, I am familiar with and have read their books before.

I enjoyed them previously so am happy to read them further, but the third one, Syd Moore, is a new author to me. Hopefully I can add him to the list of authors I like to read. This mix of the familiar with the thrill of the new is a great combination.

These days we can pick up books cheaply from various sources, or use the library, but the joy of these Chronicle books is that they are all new publications, and the latest these authors have written, which you can never find in the cut price book shops unless you wait a year or two.

my chronicle book box review books

“Quality is high”

This is a very pleasant way of receiving new books – although individuals can decide whether the price of £45 per package (received every 3 months) is value for money

Certainly the novelty of it is good – and the quality of the package is high, with brand new publications. Of course, a riveting book is always great value – but a book that falls short of your own expectations might ruin an otherwise excellent package. This is why the ‘curation’ process is vital to the overall process.

As a gift to a book lover, this is a great choice – as a personal reward to give yourself a few surprises and a few new literary avenues to explore, it’s a nice package to receive four times a year. If the price is right for you, of course.

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