Wave Me Goodbye by Jacqueline Wilson – Review

wave me goodbye jacqueline wilson children book review

By Daisy (aged 10) and Jayne Crow (mum)

Daisy says…

Fans of the Hetty Feather series will love Jacqueline Wilson’s new book, Wave Me Goodbye, which is about a girl named Shirley who is evacuated at the start of World War 2. It was enjoyable to read, and its characters and storyline kept me hooked all the way through.

wave me goodbye jacqueline wilson children book review author

Author, Jacqueline Wilson

I am a huge fan of all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books and I enjoyed the realistic characters who Jacqueline Wilson really brought to life. I loved Shirley because of her passion for books and her ambition to become a ballerina and I admired her resilience when faced with challenges. Something I particularly liked was Jacqueline Wilson’s description of the train journey to a new life in the country. It was brought to life with careful detail and really made me think about what it would be like to be taken so far from home at such a young age with no idea when you would return.

The book was hard to put down and the illustrations at the start of each chapter, with their clues about the content of the next pages, kept the story moving. All in all I found this book to be on a par with the Hetty Feather series and I would love to read the continued story of Shirley.

“Opportunities for learning and discussion”

Mum says…

wave me goodbye jacqueline wilson children book review coverThe arrival of a new Jacqueline Wilson book is always a big moment in our house and this was no different.

Daisy flew through the first pages of the book eagerly and very quickly became entirely captivated with the story within. Jacqueline Wilson always tackles difficult and emotive subjects which could be challenging for young readers.

However, Jacqueline writes with such sensitivity and openness that such subject matter becomes accessible. The story is written in the voice of Shirley, who faces many hurdles – the loss of her father to the war, the removal from her mother during the evacuation of London and the complexity around her mother’s growing relationship with her new boss. However, Shirley retains her childlike quality and shows that, even in such trying times, the usual childhood complexities around friendships and school still prevail.

Jacqueline Wilson’s books always provide opportunities for learning and discussion and this one is no different. The wait now begins for her next offering…

‘Wave Me Goodbye’ by Jacqueline Wilson is published by Doubleday Childrens, £12.99 hardback


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