An Interview with Shirley Anne Field

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Movie icon Shirley Anne Field has had a long and successful career. Her breakthrough role came when she got the part of Tina the Beauty Queen opposite Sir Laurence Oliver in The Entertainer. Her role as Doreen in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning soon followed, with her next role as the female lead in the Hollywood title The War Lover opposite Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner.

More recently Shirley Anne was in the award winning Beautiful Relics, a short film directed by Adrian Hedgecock, and the touring theatre productions The Cemetery Club and Five Blue-Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench.

Here, she talks briefly about her role in the stage play of Ruth Rendell’s A Judgement in Stone, which is at Leeds Grand Theatre, 24-29 April.

A Judgement in Stone is widely considered to be Ruth Rendell’s greatest work – why do you think that is?
Because it is a very different thriller. Not like the normal run-of-the-mill thrillers.

a judgement in stone cast shirley anne field

Shirley Anne Field, third from left, with the rest of the cast of ‘A Judgement in Stone’
image: Mark Yeoman

Had you read the book before you were cast in the show – what did you love about the story?
No but as soon as I could I read it. The play is true to the story but told in a different order.

You’ve had a prolific career starring opposite legendary actors such as Laurence Olivier, Albert Finney, Steve McQueen, Michael Caine and Daniel Day-Lewis to name a few, how different is it being on stage as opposed to in front of the cameras?
Somewhat different – somewhat the same.

Did you know or have you worked with any of your cast mates before?
Yes, Sophie with whom I had worked in America.

This production has been on the road since January – what are the nicest things about being on the road?
Meeting and seeing different people and cities. Also, discovering Great Britain.

Finally, without giving too much away, why should audiences come and see A Judgement in Stone?
Because it is genuinely a different thriller!


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