Rick Witter, Shed Seven – Interview

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Rick Witter Shed Seven Bingley 2018

Rick Witter, Shed Seven


York based indie giants Shed Seven were at Bingley Music Live 2018 at the weekend. One of the acts of the weekend, Steve Crabtree caught up with lead singer Rick Witter to talk festivals, 2018, and the success of their first new album in 16 years…

Rick, welcome to Bingley. It’s day one of Bingley Music Live, the sun is shining and you’re headlining tonight. Does a Friday get any better?
Thanks for having us. Yeah, this is the kind of day you want at a festival – it’s brilliant. The last two festivals we’ve done, one got cancelled for being too windy with tents blowing away with people in them; and we did one in Portsmouth which was a great gig but it was really horrible weather. The sun just makes things so much better.

It’s the second time you’ve played here today. Do you have good memories of your last appearance at Bingley Music Live?
Yeah, we played here four years ago and it was great. It was one of the first times we’d headlined a major festival, so that was satisfying. And it weirdly seemed like our stock grew because of that. People’s perceptions of you change when you become a headliner. Ten years ago we were playing at 12.30 in the afternoon even though we’d had all those hits. I mean, the 90s is coming back massively anyway – you can see that on the street. But that headliner helped to propel us.

Rick Witter Shed Seven Bingley 2018

It’s a decent line up today. Is there anyone you quite fancy seeing?
Well I’m only here for today, and I’d like to catch a little bit of everything to be honest. There’s not that many bands on so I’ll definitely check everybody out and see what the competition’s like… not that it is a competition in any shape or form!…

Your last album Instant Pleasures came out at the end of last year, and on your Shedcember tour, you only played four songs from it. It’s been such a successful record, are you now playing a few more tracks from it live?
Well, we’ve not really changed. We’ve done a big Christmas tour every other year, and in the years we don’t do that we do festivals. I think having that new album has helped bring us back in to the current, rather than the nostalgia. But right now, we’re not playing more songs from Instant Pleasures live. We’ve got a load of songs and a happy problem – how many songs can you play? We’re on for an hour and half tonight and we might have a field full of people who know the hits but don’t know the new album. We’ve got that album in our pocket though, and we know that we could probably announce a tour for the hardcore fans and just play Instant Pleasures with a few hits in the encore, and it’d be a really good gig.

Any plans for that?
No plans. Not yet. But we’d not rule it out.

Rick Witter Shed Seven Bingley 2018

It took you 16 years to bring out a new album. With it’s success do you now think: Let’s go do it again?
Well, there’s talk. But you’ve got to put that talk in to action.  It’s the same old story with us, we’re all busy doing other things so we haven’t actually created anything new since, but I’ve got a lot of ideas. It’s just a case of being in the right frame of mind. Sixteen years last time, the next could take us 20. But if it happens, it happens. With Instant Pleasures we had no inclination to do it, it just happened. The more we wrote, the more we thought it’s worth persevering with. If we ever do release one again, it’s got to be as good.

So, you guys are from York. North Yorkshire. Is it good to be over here in the best part of Yorkshire today?
Well… that’s subjective …! But all of Yorkshire is ace.

After you finish your set tonight, we finish August too. Time flies. But what have you got planned for the rest of 2018?
Well we’re doing a gig next week in Birmingham for Shine On, and then we’re doing another one at Butlins in November. And then that’s it, but we are already in talks for securing venues for a Shedcember tour 2019, so maybe at the back end of this year or the beginning of next we’ll have some tickets going on sale, and hopefully watch them steadily sell over the year. And there we are again.

Images: Frank Ralph (frankralph.co.uk), Steve Crabtree and Matthew Keast

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