An Interview with Fossil Collective

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Fossil Collective


by Vicky Lomax

We spoke to David Fendick of Fossil Collective, a Leeds-based two-piece band consisting of multi-instrumentalists David and Jonny Hooker, whose blissful alt-folk has drawn comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel and Midlake.

After meeting in the vibrant Leeds music scene three years ago and forming Vib Gyor, the pair decided to break away and focus on developing a different sound. After releasing a number of EPs as Fossil Collective,  the debut album Tell Where I Lie, is due for release. The album showcases the band’s signature uplifting and melodic harmonies. It features their singles ‘Let it Go’, ‘Under My Arrest’, ‘Monument’ and ‘Wolves’.

fossil collective light bulbsAre you happy with the debut album?
There’s a nice mix really. Some of the songs we just worked on at the end of the year. So quite a few tracks that people haven’t heard, which are probably a bit more developed sound wise than some of the earlier tracks we did. But I think there’s a nice mix and we’re really proud of it. Hopefully people will take it on board and enjoy it.

Where does the band’s name come from?
The collective part means we wanted the band to be a collection of musicians who come and go. We have a bass and guitar player on some of the tracks so that’s what the collective became. And Fossil, we just thought sounded cool so we stuck that name in front.

“We can’t see ourselves stopping”

fossil collective band shotYou’ve been called a Leeds band, but neither of you is actually from the city.
 I’ve lived all over the country. I grew up in South Devon by the beach. Jonny is from Stockton, but we both met each other through the Leeds music scene and we were both in various bands over the years. So we’re Yorkshire based but only Jonny originates from Yorkshire.

What’s been the highlight for you so far?
I think one of the craziest things for us was the second gig we ever did at Shepherds Bush Empire. We were supporting Benjamin Francis Leftwich. It was crazy going from working on songs in our bedrooms to playing to 3,000 people.

What’s next for Fossil Collective?
We can’t see ourselves stopping at the moment while we’re enjoying it. We don’t really have any ambitions to be the next U2 or anything. We just write songs and we’ll play to whoever likes the tracks. Whether it’s 50 people or 1,000 people. We don’t really mind.

‘Tell Where I Lie’ is out now


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