Yorkshireman Kite Skis Length of Greenland for Charity

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Yorkshireman Kite Skis Length of Greenland for Charity

Huddersfield man to become one of first Brits to kite ski the length of Greenland

Mike Dann (34) is set to kite ski from the South to the North of Greenland – over twice the length of the UK – to raise money for charity.

The Polarice Greenland 2013 expedition will cover almost 1,500 miles. It will take place in temperatures of –40°C with winds of up to 80 mph and could last up to six weeks. The team members will spend from 12 to 14 hours a day on the ice. Their focus is on maintaining control of their kite and sledge, which weighs up to 120 kilos.

Dann is undertaking this venture with friends, Simon Edmundson and Tim Tottenham. They aim to raise over £30,000 for two charities, The Dallaglio Foundation and the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). The three men are among only a handful of Britons with experience in this sport.

Yorkshireman Kite Skis Length of Greenland for Charity: “We’ve spent months planning the venture”

two people kite skiing over ive snow“The expedition is hugely physically and mentally demanding,” says Dann, who is responsible for logistics/equipment. “A change in weather conditions – sudden snowfalls, strong winds or even abnormally warm weather – can quickly threaten progress. The team is totally reliant on its combination of skill and experience to survive.”

The team is not relying on additional support or back up. Each member will pull all his equipment, food and fuel for the entire trip; set up camp at the end of the day; prepare his meals and break camp the following morning. Back in Cambridge, Simon’s father, Henry Edmundson, will act as base camp manager. He will keep daily contact with them by satellite telephone.

“We’ve spent months planning the venture and training, building our strength and endurance. We now hope we can put all our work to good use by raising money for The Dallaglio Foundation and Mines Advisory Group. These are two causes which mean a great deal to us,” Mike adds.

The duration and extreme nature of the expedition sets it apart from other ventures for charity, which typically cover less distance in a much shorter time frame and demand far less fitness and mental acuity. Each team member has extensive mountaineering and polar travel experience and as team ATP won the 2006 Polar Challenge and completed a 30 day expedition on the Greenland Ice Cap in 2010.

Yorkshireman Kite Skis Length of Greenland for Charity: “Speeds of up to 30-miles per-hour are possible in good conditions”

3 people kite skiing across greenland for charityMike was born in Huddersfield and attended Bradford Grammar School. Growing up, he spent much of his spare time exploring the Yorkshire Dales, whilst developing a passion for the mountains and outdoors that has stayed with him. He spent a Gap Year from 1997-1998 travelling and working with Raleigh International in South America, notably Chile, where he helped with various projects including offering support in a home for abused girls, conservation work and assisting with building projects in a remote community.

From 1998-2002, he completed a Masters of Engineering at Imperial College, London. He then became a member of the London Army Officers Training Corps where fellow team member Tim Tottenham was his physical training instructor. Mike also climbed Mount McKinley in Alaska with another expedition colleague, Simon Edmunson.

Kite skiing is similar to kite surfing but takes place over snow rather than the sea. Speeds of up to 30 miles per hour are possible in good conditions. Typically each team member will burn around 7,000 calories a day. They will struggle to consume that amount despite eating constantly and including high levels of fat such as chocolate, nuts and salami in their diet.

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