Leeds Sharks Women’s Water Polo Team Make British Finals

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Leeds Sharks water polo womens success

Sporting First for Leeds Sharks Water Polo Team

Leeds Sharks, have become one of the UK’s top five women’s water polo teams for the first time in the club’s history. It means they have qualified for their sport’s coveted British Championships finals.

Leeds Sharks water polo make national finals

Leeds Sharks goalkeeper Sophie Jackson keeps Sheffield at bay

As Britain’s most prestigious water polo competition, the Championship finals, which get underway in London on April 1, bring together the top English, Scottish and Welsh teams to battle for the right to move forward and take on mainland Europe’s best teams.

After the London fixture, Leeds host the second weekend’s matches on April 8/9 before the tournament moves on to Manchester on April 22/23 for the deciding round of matches.

“Talented and tenacious bunch”

leeds sharks water polo womens make championship finals

Leeds Sharks rally to thwart Hucknall during a goalmouth scramble

Leeds Sharks Coach Mark Sutcliffe says: “We’re obviously all thrilled to have made history. But we’re under no illusions about how tough the finals are going to be. This is a talented and tenacious bunch of ladies though,. We’re confident that we’ll be in great shape to give the best of Britain a run for their money.”

Water polo is a gruelling and relentless struggle to swim two miles in 32 minutes and then score goals with one hand, while opponents try to drag you under the water.

It might not sound like fun, but at the City of Leeds Water Polo Club the ladies just love it. And as qualification for the British Championship finals proves, they’re doing rather well.

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